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CMSgt Terry Wetzel

Terry Wetzel

Terry at Kunsan Air Base, Korea in 1969


Received by email 19 Oct. 2018:

"I am writing my memoirs for my USAF Pararescue experience, and have this diary entry from October 21, 1970:"

October 21, 1970--Diary Entry

Arrived at DaNang AS, VN tired after a 20 hour flight with 2 hours layover, one in Hawaii and one in Kadena, Okinawa. ...

October 22, 1970--Diary Entry

......... Saw some of Terry's pictures too, of DaNang and the EC 121 which crashed. Terry's getting a medal of some sort for helping pull a bunch of people out. I believe 8 of 15 lived.

"I was not in DaNang at the time of this crash, arriving in October. But Terry Wetzel was still there, and told me some of his stories. It appears that Terry Wetzel, a Pararescueman stationed at DaNang's 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, was one of the rescuers for this EC-121 crash.  Unfortunately, Terry passed away this year, in February."

John C. Ratliff, CSP(Retired), CIH(2006-2017),* MSPH
Former USAF Pararescueman, 37th ARRSq, DaNang, October 1970-June 1971


Link to Obituary Tribute posted for Terry Lee Wetzel



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