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ATN3 John Macy Birch

John Macy Birch was born Aug 5, 1945.

He was 24 years old and single.

He had been in the Navy 4 years.

Home of record:  La Habra, California

Panel 12W - - Line 3

John Birch

This photograph was sent to me by Jack Peterson via Ken Stephens about 2001


Information received via web:

Debra Loth

Email received 19 June 2006

I am the sister of John Macy Birch. I was 12 years old when John went to Vietnam. John would come home on the weekends and bring me one of those white caps they wear and take me for a ride in his car. The last time I saw him, he picked me up as usual and explained to me that he was going away and that he would't see me for a while but he would be back. He never returned. I still miss him.

 My name is Debra Loth you can contact me through my e-mail:  debraloth (AT symbol)

John also has another sister - her name is Barbara Dunmore.

Bill Kirner

Email received 24 June 2006

I served with VQ-1 from 1967 to 1970.  I flew with Crew 2 in 1968 and 1969 as RADAR and ECM operator.  PR26 was our primary ride.

Two photos of ATN3 John Birch taken, I believe, during the Winter of 1969 January or Feburary. His girl friend is directly in front of him, the other two were friends.

Bill Kirner

Birch 1 sent by Kirner

birch 2 sent by Kirner


Bill Kirner

Contact via email and Google+ group 22 March 2016

Mr. Kirner posted many pictures in the PR26-vietnam google+ group and gave me permission to post them on the website.

John Birch