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ATN3 Thurle Eugene Case, Jr.

ATN3 Thurle Eugene Case, Jr. was 22 years old and single.

Home of record:  Vacaville, California

Panel 12W - - Line 4


Letter in Scrapbook

"Gene was 22 years old on January 2nd this year. He had been in the Navy almost three years. He went to Boot Camp in San Diego, then on the electronics school at Memphis, Tenn. Had one year of duty at North Island, San Diego. He was home through the month of August, 1969, then on to advance school at Whidby Island near Seattle, Washington. He was home for 3 days on his way to Japan the first part of December '69. He left the states December 5, 1969. He has one brother."
Information from a letter sent to my mother, July 15, 1970


Information via the Internet

Dorian H. O'Daniels

E-mail received: 21 October 2002

I was in Da Nang when PR-26 crashed.  I lost one of my room mates (ATN3 Thurle Eugene Case, Jr.) and friends.  We had gone to Navy  schools  @Whidbey Island and then flown from the states to Japan in Dec.

Dorian H. O'Daniels, ATC(retired), Crew 32 & others alias' - SFO, "O'D", Chief "O'D"



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