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Methods of Contact

I would love to hear from you. If you are seeking information about crew mates or people who might have known your family member,  please don't hesitate to send me word. If you have information you would like to share about the people involved in the crash of the Super Constellation (PR 26) in Da Nang, Vietnam or would like to share your memories of VQ1, please send the information and it will be included here. If you would like  to have some information added to this site, please include any contact information that you would want included.

If you knew my brother, William (Bill) Bletsch, I would most certainly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you!


Please send any information, comments, suggestions, additions or corrections to the email listed below. 


Online Group to Meet and Share

A new group, Pr26, has been created at Epic Years (a new social network launced July 30, 2016 for people 40 years old and older). The Pr26 group is a public group so it will be easier to find and join. The following is the group description:

This group is an extension of the PR26 Memorial website. However, all veterans and supporters are welcome to join and participate. Grab a virtual cup of coffee and reminisce with others who served in the same branch of service or during the same era. Share information about your unit or your time of service. Post to honor a friend or family member who made the ultimate sacrifice. Share information about available programs set up to help our service members and veterans. Post music videos, poems or images. Or sit back and have a friendly discussion about whatever is on your mind.

To all our service members and veterans: Thank you for your service. Your sacrifices are appreciated.

The social network is just starting up, but there are other groups there that might interest you there.

The Google+ community that was started in 2013 will remain open. However, it proved difficult to administer and it is private and difficult to find and join.

Please contact me if you have any questions

Current Guestbook

You can also visit and sign the current guestbook: PR 26 Memorial Guestbook 

Archived Guestbook Messages

The guestbook was recently changed, but the older messages have been archived. Guestbook 1 contains the earliest messages and the last archived Guestbook page will have the most recent ones.

Over the years, this web site has helped a few folks find each other and has helped some folks find some information they were seeking. I hope you find it useful.