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People looking for Crewmates

This page is especially for verterans who are looking for crewmates or others who may have served in the same area. It is also for family members who are looking for specific crewmates of their loved one. Queries asking for information about anyone who knew you loved one will be posted in the "Did you know" section. If you would like your name listed here or on the "Did you know" section, you can sign the guestbook or send me an e-mail.




Bennett, Paul A.

deepsea29 (AT symbol) - From Las Vegas, NV

I was in VQ-1 three seperate times. 1960-64, 1966-69 and 1973-76.  I try to keep in touch with as many VQers as I can, so if anyone reads this and wants to "chat" feel free to e-mail me.  Also, if anyone knows how to get in touch with the "Super Crab", Chuck Christman, please let me know.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Bingham, Charles

My husband, Charles Bingham, was one of the survivors. He can be reached at cbingham (AT symbol), should anyone like to contact him.

Anita Bingham - Entry in Guestbook: 10 January 2015

I have a new email address. I can be reached at phone 317 459 3869

Charlie Bingham - Entry in Guestbook: 25 December 2017


Black, Jack

maddjack21 (AT symbol) - From Northern Ca

Looking for shipmates that were stationed a Camp Tien Shaw 1970


Boudreau, James J.

jaysauto (AT symbol) -  Ssgt.USAF - From Louisianna

20Th.TASSg DaNang 69-70

Det.1 56 SOW Udorn  70-71

RLAF, Vientiane, Laos 72

Interested it contacting survivors of EC-121 crash 16 Mar 70 DaNang.I was a witness to the crash, I turned the moment I heard the engine noise stop. I was about 100 yards away and ran over and helped pull some of the men away from the fire and  cover them with pieces of the engine cowling. I helped the survivor who was able to stand up light a cigarette as his hands were shaking to  much to do so. He said over and over that he's never ever going to fly again and he's going home my boat.If anyone would like to contact  me please do so .It was a sad day. Regards Jay Boudreau

See related information on this site:  James J. Boudreau - Date:  Mon, 30 Dec 2002


Branks, David (Dave)

dbranks (AT symbol)  From California

If you were a survivor of the crash, and have not contacted Mr. Branks, he would like to hear from you.

See related information on this site:  David (Dave) S. Branks


Collucci, Greg G.

cabosunset (AT symbol) -  From CLIFTON, NJ.

I flew into Da Nang with VW-1 crew 7 on that Saturday March 21,1970.They had put the tail section,behind our revetment at FASU.I still have the Stars & Stripes articles & slides.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Emert, Jimmy

No E-mail given - From GREENWOOD, SC

I was in VQ-2 1971 to 1974.

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Fitzsimmons, Marla

(Daughter-in-law of Robin Pearce) Marla Fitzsimmons Email Marla   (AT symbol)

Would you happen to know or have heard of any of these men and where I could find them?

1. Eric Jensen - California

2. David Hargis

3. John Ling

(from e-mail)


Frantz, Dick

frantz_64029 (AT symbol) -  From GrainValley, Mo.

I was in VQ-1 from 1962-1965 and flew in crew 23. Darren Leatherman and Dee Harris was my flight enginers. I knew Chief Risse that was on PR-26. Would like to here from anyone from that era. Remember Cdr Holt.Thanks for this website. Don't forget the VQ Reunions we have. My phone# is   816 587 8657 or 573 374 5233 and maybe I can give info.Thanks Dick Frantz

(from guestbook 2 entry)


Harris, DeWitt P

bobwyte (AT symbol) -  From TN.

I was in VQ-1 from 63-67 remember a few names on that list . GOD bless them all.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Ishler, Robert K.

Bobishler (AT symbol) - ATCS(Ret)   From Rochester, WA

I was one of the survivors of the PR-26 crash in Danang. I was probably the luckiest one on the crew because I was the only one that didn't have to go the hospital.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Kirby, Richard

kirby_richard (AT symbol)

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 11:01:59 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Richard Kirby"

I am looking for information I was stationed at Atsugi attached to VQ1 in 1968-1969 I was just an E-3 seaman. One of my duties was to clean out the weeds in the hanger door tracks.  We used a herbicide that was brought back from Vietnam (agent orange) we would spray it on the weeds then in a few days scrape the dead weeds off. I have now developed type 2 diabetic and am trying to get service connected care at the VA but they state that herbicides were not at Atsugi. If you have any knowedge or can but me in anyone that could confirm what I have cliamed It would sure help me and my family out.


Richard Kirby

(from e-mail)


Klaas, Skip

skip (AT symbol) -  From King George, VA

I served in VQ-2 from 1966-1969. I was the flight electrician on crew 26 before I left Atsugi to go back to college in the USA. I later served in VQ-2 from 1973 to 1977.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Martin, Gerald W. (Jerry)

rilymart (AT symbol)

Was in VQ-1 from 69 to 71 and was standing at the north end of the runway when PR-26 crashed. Got there late to be of much good but lost good friends. I would like to hear from any of the suvivors. I have talked to Bob Ishler and sent a note to Delvian T Young. If any one could find out if Hugh Shannon is still around it sure would be nice to hear from him also.

(from guestbook  1  entry)


Neville, Thomas A

HI. My name is Terence Neville. My Dad was Thomas A Neville and was stationed in Atsugi. I'm looking for information about anything you can tell me about families living on the base. He retire CWO-5 in 1978. In 2009 he was diagnosed with Asbestosis. And for 3 long years he suffered until he passed on June 4, 2012. I was never able to picture him the way he was for those 3 years. I had a very vivid profile of him being as big as he always looked in uniform. But I'm pretty sure I visited him in his new home. It was a very immense 3 story mansion. It had marble balconies all the way up to the third floor. There were horses and other things carved out of the marble frontage. There were a lot of different sized doors and windows. And many rooms. In the horseshoe layout at both wings were different shops and musicians playing like you'd see on cruiseships. He and Mom took many cruises. Over 100! Then I was in the very elaborate Dining Hall where my family and I were sitting at a table. I was telling them Dad was here. They were laughing at me. Then Dad put his hand out. On his finger was a diamond encrusted ring. When I pulled it off his finger everyone saw the ring appear. Then I was in the back yard. There was a virtual life like movie going on. And I was walking on the battlefield where romans on chariots were at war. Not sure what movie it was. He liked Ben Hur alot though. Then I woke up with the image of him standing tall and saluting. He was my Pawtnah (partner). He was from Springfield, Mass.
Terence L Neville - Entry in Guestbook: 25 September 2016


Schmidt, Bob

bschmidt (AT symbol) -  From Hania, Crete, Greece

Really great to find this site. I was the Asst. Safety Officer for VQ-1 and was on the accident investigation team for the accident.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Schminky, Walter

walter.schminky (AT symbol) - from Tampa, Florida

I flew with VQ-1 as a VN linguist from 1969 to early 1970 outof Da Nang. Flew the Willies then the P-3s. Flew with the crew that later was later shot down over Korea. Is there a site for that group?

Archived Guestbook 1 - Entry 23

**Note from Webmaster:  I have located some sites that contain information about the EC 121 shot down over North Korea. For more information you can go to: - Stars and Stripes Article, Crew list, Washington Post Articles (2). Information  from Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association newsletter CRYPTOLOG - TIME, April 25, 1969 Vol. 93, No. 17 - TIME, April 25, 1969


Shryock, III, Charles M.  (AT-2)

shryock (AT symbol) -  From Lanham-Seabrook, MD

I was a member of VQ-1 from late 67 until early '70, that counts the time I spent coming and going from VQ-1 in Japan with Orders. I would love to hear from you and discuss things if you want.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Stephens, Ken

kenstep (AT symbol) - From Sacramento

I was an AT2 flying whales out of VQ-1 when PR-26 crashed. Lost some good friends and co-workers.

(from guestbook 1 entry)



i worked in the missile shop with s sgt morneault and other guys. i was sgt svetlecic, da nang july 71-aug 72 & takli rafb, thialand, aug 72-sept 72 where are you missile guys?
Andrew J. Svetlecic
former Sergeant
Missile Shop
366 Munitions Maintenance Squadron (366 MMS)
366 Tactical Fighter Wing, USAF
Danang, South Vietnam
From July. 1971 to Aug. 1972
Takli RAFB, Thialand
From Aug. 1972- Sept. 1972

(from guestbook entry 07-11-2016)


Walling, Bruce

bwallin2 (AT symbol) -

I was a CT and stationed at VQ-1 in Atsugi and the det in Da Nang from late 68 until Nov-69. I flew with PR-26 crew. I am just now finding out about the crash in 1970. All these memories are rushing back to like it was yesterday. I remember getting drunk with Mr. Young after PR-21 was lost in the SOJ. I remember all the long flights in the gulf. I remember a lot of the crew. I have so many questions, and have so many people I would love to know of there current status. Any additional info would be appreciated.

(from email Tue, 10 Dec 2002)


Waxler, Morris

mowax44 (AT symbol) - From Johnson City, TX

I was in an AE in VQ-1 in 1969-'71.  I have been searching for AE Charles Bingham, suvivor of the crash, and other AEs from the VQ-1 Electric Shop,1969-'71.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Williams, Lex (AZ3)

lexman01 (AT symbol) - From - Kennesaw, Georgia

I was in VQ-1 1970 - 1972, originally in VAP-61, NAS Agana, Guam which merged with VW-1 & VQ-1. Spent two detachments in DaNang - late 1971 and March - June 1972, during the Easter Offensive - saw alot of rockets. From VQ-1 I got orders to VF-96,  CVW-9, at NAS Miramar. Spent my last year in the Navy on the USS Constellation, on a WESTPAC cruise.

(from guestbook 1 entry)


Young, Delivan (Del)

deltyoung (AT symbol) -  From - Rochester, NY

I was one of the 8 survivors from the PR-26 crash at Danang.

(from guestbook 1 entry)



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