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Did You Know My ...?

Below you will find a list of crew members who have family members who have contacted me looking for someone who knew there loved one. If you knew any of the people on the list, I am sure that the family members would love to hear from you. If you would like your name added to the list, please contact me. If I missed someone, I apologize. Please contact me again.


Bletsch, William (Bill)

Of course, I would love to hear from any one who knew Billy. If you have a funny story to relate or just a simple message, all contact will be appreciated.  Connie and brothers

Birch, John Macy

I am the sister of John Macy Birch. I was 12 years old when John went to Vietnam. John would come home on the weekends and bring me one of those white caps they where and take me for a ride in his car. the last time I saw him, he picked me up as usual and explained to me that he was going away and that he would't see me for a while but he would be back. He never returned. I still miss him.

My name is Debra Loth you can contact me through my e-mail - debraloth (AT symbol)

John also has another sister - her name is Barbara Dunmore.

Added 24 June 2006

Martin, LCDR Harry C.

To anyone who knew or has info on my father, would be appreciated.I'm still trying to find out how and how to change the misspelling of his name on "the Wall" after 26 yrs. of service in the Navy.Thanks,..his son,former Marine,Naval Reservist,DOD Police...Jon Martin  - jonam55 (AT symbol)

Pearce, Robin Andrew

My father in law was one of the Lieutenants aboard that flight. My husband and I are desperately trying to find out any information about him we can. His name was Robin Andrew Pearce and he was in the Navy. All the information that I have I have gotten from the internet. If you know of anyone with any information or pictures we would be forever in you debt. - smf121490 (AT)

Don Roggensees and Carmen Putrelo learned of Marla's request for information from another site and have contacted Robin Pearce's family. Marla said that "they were very kind and a blessing. One of them had even had dinner with my mother in law and Robin." I'm sure that if you have any information that you would like to share, they would be most appreciative.

Update June 5, 2001 from e-mail:
"Dear Friends, Just thought you would all like to know that Sven and I have found his Pearce family. They live in Arizona. I wanted to write to you all to thank you so much for your kind words, your help, and your friendship. You are all wonderful people each and everyone of you are. Sven and I wish to keep in touch with all of you. We will update you all on what happens in the future. Love Marla"

Request received January 30, 2002 - If you know any one these men, please contact Marla.
Connie, Would you happen to know or have heard of any of these men and where I could find them? 1. Eric Jensen - California 2. David Hargis 3. John Ling I am on another mission. LOL Marla

Update 3 May 2004 from 3-mail
Connie, I have had recent contact with John Ling and David Hargis. Both men are outstanding at recalling Robin. However, lost contact with John Ling because of email change. If you hear from him please let him know I would love to speak with him again. I am still searching for Eric Jensen. Thanks Marla

Purdum, Ralph Scott

My brother R. Scott Purdum was aboard the VQ-1 EC-121 on March 16, 1970 when it crashed at 11:30 am.

I would like to first of all thank all who have participated in putting this web site together.  My family has never seen this website before and it is amazing to be able to put the pieces together.  Does anyone out there remember Scott?  Can you tell me any information about Scott before or after the crash. My understanding is that this was his first flight but since I was 9 and this was 33 years ago I'm just not sure.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again

PS,  I was at Scott's grave an memorial day and there were flowers and two hollow bullet type ornaments with the writing GO NAVY VS-1 on one and the other said USNA VS-1.  Anyone know who put those there.  Thanks to whoever did. - penne (AT symbol)

Email Received:  Wed, 28 May 2003

Risse, William John

I was only two years old at the time and my brother was 3. My brother and I have grown up knowing very, very little about our father and the events on Mar 16, 1970. My mother never really talked about it much. Any information on the events of that day, information on my father, or any

information on survivors who may have known my father would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Alan Risse - alan.risse (AT symbol)

Saukaitis, Joseph Stephen

My name is James Musick and I definately have some information about Joe Saukaitis. Joe and I were roommates, sharing our off-base house in Tsuruma, Japan, prior to the crash in DaNang.  Joe was the best friend I ever had in the navy, we had much in common and were friends on and off duty.  I would be honored to write more of  what Joe was really like during the year that I knew him, both for the website and--if I can get in touch with someone in his family--perhaps something with even more detail that they might enjoy.   I think those who knew Joe back home will be pleased to know what a fine, upstanding young man he was. - May 29, 2002  James Musick - musick (AT symbol)

UPDATE  July, 2002

Some of Joe's relatives and friends have made contact and are corresponding with James. Thank you, James, for the information you are providing for them.

Simmons, Arthur D.

my brother was arthur d simmons. if anyone has any information about him please let me know.  thanks sharon stolz    Email - stolz603 (AT symbol)

like my sister sharon ,if you knew my brother i would love to hear from you also. & if anyone hears from his son stephen keith simmons, id like to know also. debbie simmons walters debbiedo (AT symbol)

Souzon, Jean Pierre

Would like to contact the wives of the guys who died and find out what became of us all:

Jane Souzon
1629 Jefferson St.
Port Townsend, Washington  98368
janesouzon (AT symbol)