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Archived Guestbook #2

From May, 2002 until December 31, 2002


These entries have been copied from the guestbooks in the order they were made. Updates to the entries have been made following the original entry.  If you wish to make an update or add information, please contact me. Current guestbook

Entry 26:

  • Name - Vernon Poole    Email - vpoole (AT symbol)
  • Date --     From - Lemoore, California

I served in VQ-1 from December 1966 to December 1969. I got out of the Navy as an AE2 the same Month. I still have fond memories of the times I had, and the people I met while serving in the Navy in VQ-1. I still stay in touch with some of my old Navy buddies.

Entry 27:

  • Name - Robert Atkisson    Email - wildbob34 (AT symbol)
  • Date --     From - West Palm Beach, Fl.

I was a CIC officer in VW-2 and AEWTULANT 9/58 to 9/62, and in the latter command flew with LCDR Jim Overstreet. In fact his family were our neighbors in the MOQ at NAS Patuxent.Jim was the PPC on the VQ-1 plane shot down off Korea in the late '60s.I've been looking at the willie  victor website, and remembering old buddies and linked into your site.It is very moving to explore your site regarding the VQ-1 loss at DaNang.The willie victor community was a tight bunch and we felt all our losses very deeply and carry them with us the rest of our lives. Thank you for creating your site.

Entry 28

  •  Date received: 7/3/2002    Time: 11:39 pm
  •  Url of your Website:   ----------
  •  Email:   djolley (AT symbol)
  •  Name:  Donald R. Jolley
  •  State, Country, etc.    Macon, Georgia
  •  Rank, Unit, Branch (If app.):  ATR 2, VQ-1
  •  Relationship to crew member or VQ:   EC 121 Radar Operator
  •  Comments:

 Was a member of VQ 1 from 1965 to 1968. Flew PR 21,23,26. Was many years after the crash that I learned about it. I loved my time in the "Q" and all my shipmates. May God Bless all lost and those that survived. Semper Fi !!!

Entry 29

  • Thursday 08/01/2002 7:52:25pm

Entry 30

  • Saturday 08/03/2002 8:31:06pm
  • Name: Steve Pollock
  • E-Mail: sjpslp (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Friend
  • City/Country: Allentown, PA
  • Comments: Great Site!

I'm the nephew of Joe Saukaitis. My mother (his sister Barabara) refered me to your site. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to gain some additional insight into what my uncle was like. I was only 3 at the time of the crash and have no real memories of my uncle. Thank you once again!  


Entry 31

  • Tuesday 09/03/2002 2:51:21pm
  • Name: Ray W. Rothermel
  • E-Mail: raywraym (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Mount Carmel
  • Comments:

I was President of the Mt. Carmel Area H. S. Class of 1967 and was a friend and track buddy of Joe. We miss you Joe and we remember and commemorate you at every reunion and class get together. We held our 35th this past weekend ( 9-1-02 ) and we lit a candle and listed all deceased classmates. Joe was the only classmate that died in Viet Nam. We thought of Joe a few times that night and we all miss him.

Ray W. Rothermel

Entry 32

  • Wednesday 09/04/2002 7:53:00am
  • Name: Joe Remash
  • E-Mail: soggysocks (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: E-Mail
  • City/Country: Atlas,Pa.
  • Comments:

Joe and I were in the same home room, in High School. We palled around, ate lunch, played sports together. Joe was always a happy guy. He enjoyed all his friends. He enjoyed life. I have some fond memories of the good times Joe and I had. I was torn apart, when I heard of His passing away. We'll keep Joe in our prayers.

Entry 33

  • Wednesday 09/18/2002 1:24:24pm
  • Name: Legendary Pet
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: USA
  • Comments: 
Enjoyed Your Site!

Entry 34

  • Thursday 09/26/2002 2:40:36am
  • Name: Joshua Bris
  • E-Mail: ant (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Troy, USA
  • Comments: 

Thank you for the resources.  Keep up the good work!

Entry 35

  • Saturday 10/05/2002 1:31:33pm
  • Name:  Anthony J. Krueger
  • E-Mail: krutony (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Onalaska
  • Comments:

I just happened on this website while looking for pictures of EC-121s. I was in VQ-1 from 1966 thru 1969 and was an EC-121 pilot. I am now retired from American Airlines and greatly appreciate the fine work that has gone into this website. Anthony Krueger

Entries 36 - 41

are incomplete due either to a problem with the Guestbook Host or the Guestbook Manager (me). I'll lay odds it was the later. I apologize to the ones whose entries I deleted unintentionally.

Entry 36

  • Wednesday 10/09/2002 1:38:25pm

Accidentally deleted

Entry 37

  • Friday 10/11/2002 3:55:27pm
  • Name:  Don Holder
  • E-Mail: Accidentally deleted
  • Comments:

It's been over thirty years since the crash but it is still clear in my mind. I often think about all the friends that were lost and what their lives would be like today. The pain is not near as great as the day it happened, but the pain still lingers inside of me. Thanks for this memorial page.

Entry 38

  • Monday 12/30/2002 11:05:41am

Accidentally deleted

Entry 39

  • Wednesday 01/01/2003 7:19:29am

Accidentally deleted

Entry 40

  • Thursday 01/02/2003 7:29:43am

Accidentally deleted

Entry 41

  • Testing Guestbook

Entry 42

  • Wednesday 01/15/2003 2:31:47pm
  • Name: Dennis Webb
  • E-Mail: wd5gnd (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Friend
  • City/Country: Mansfield Texas
  • Comments:

I was with VQ1 from Nov 69 until late 72. I was an AT2 and worked in electronic maintenance. I have a lot of pictures from Japan, Da Nang, and Guam that I have just recently started to sort out. I am planning to scan many of these.

I do know where a couple of the people that were with us during the same time frame are at.

I can be contacted at wd5gnd (AT symbol) or dennis (AT symbol)

Entry 43

  • Tuesday 04/08/2003 12:46:43am
  • Name: Ray Ishler
  • E-Mail:  raymondishler241 (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Cavalier No.Dak.
  • Comments:

Just run on your web site,It looks good.In 1999 I was awarded 100%service connected disability,I have not recovered my voice and cannot walk,Take care Bob and greet the wife-Ray

Entry 44

  • Sunday 04/13/2003 9:31:41pm
  • Name:
  • Comments:

Awesome site! Thanks!

Entry 45

  • Thursday 05/01/2003 11:55:44am
  • Name: Dave Waggoner, ATCS, USN-RET
  • E-Mail: LDavidWaggonerDW (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country:  Flippin, AR
  • Comments:

Served in VQ-1, 58-72. Flew with Crew 5 in PR-23 and later with Seawing (EA-3B).

Entry 46

  • Tuesday 07/29/2003 10:29:09am
  • Name:  James G. (Jim) Bell
  • E-Mail: jbell (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Friend
  • City/Country: Fort Sumner, New Mexico
  • Comments:

I was with VQ-1 from Oct,1968 thru May1970. I have a lot of memories from this time but managed to lose all the pictures I had. I would be greatly appreciative of any pictures anyone could send to I have gotten some from Jack Peterson (god bless him). It was a great time in my life and also a very sad one. We lost a lot of great people.

Jim Bell

Entry 47

  • Monday 08/25/2003 11:52:06am
  • Name: Tom Hoover
  • E-Mail: hooverft (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Flagstaff, AZ
  • Comments:

I served in VQ-1 as a Flight Engineer from 1969 thru 1971..This site has sparked memories. I sit here with a thousand yard stare, and I remember.

Entry 48

  • Thursday 09/25/2003 3:29:29pm
  • Name:  Rodd Smith (Smitty)
  • E-Mail: rodd (AT symbol)
  • Referred By: Just Surfed In
  • City/Country: Tomball, Texas USA
  • Comments:

I have to this day try and contact anyone that I served with in NAM. Time does not heal. I served with the Navy at FASU Air Base in 69-71. I was previously assigned to VW-1 squadron (Typhoon Trackers) in 68. Flew into Chu-Lai and Danang on TDY.

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