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Archived Guestbook #3

From November 26, 2003 until March 15, 2012


These entries have been copied from the guestbooks in the order they were made. Updates to the entries have been made following the original entry.  If you wish to make an update or add information, please contact me. Current Guestbook

Wednesday 11/26/2003 12:10:42am
Name:     Jim Finnegan
E-Mail:     Finnegan (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     England
Comments:     Dropped by today on a cruise through history. Great site, really liked the pivtures. Thanks for letting me visit. Drop by the Capital Military Assistance Command (CMAC) website at sometime and check out my story: CMAC, A Vietnam Era Trilogy. Regards,

Thursday 01/29/2004 8:34:18pm
Name:     Rick Heinrichs
E-Mail:     fredheinrichs (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Mesa, Arizona

Thursday 01/29/2004 8:42:25pm
Name:     Rick Heinrichs
E-Mail:     fredheinrichs (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Mesa, Arizona
Comments:     I was stationed down the road at Tuy Hoa but when I look at the pictures I can't help but think how much all those bases looked alike

Saturday 04/03/2004 2:30:22am
Name:     robert sponhower
E-Mail:     joannbob (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     lebanon,pa
Comments:     i served in VQ-2 in 1959-1961. My crew was the P4m that crashed,i got grounded the day before they left.Our plane captain also missed the flight,he was pulled off the flight in naples and another one brought up from Rota.

Wednesday 06/23/2004 1:55:19pm
Name:     Gary Harris, YN1, USN
E-Mail:     gharri5 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Brandon, MS
Comments:     I had the pleasure of serving in the "Q" from 65 thru 69. I worked in the Admin Office. Memories even after all these years are like yesterday. God Bless all of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. And may God Bless all of us who remember them.

Wednesday 08/25/2004 3:38:45am
Name:     Glenn McGinnis
E-Mail:     gmcginn1 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     St Petersburg FL
Comments:     I just lost a neighbor (Ret. Col David Harston) He was squadron commander for the 389th for a while at Da Nang.

We miss him

Wednesday 11/03/2004 6:53:22am
Name:     Diana Bissonnete
E-Mail:     lakewoodyost (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     tacoma, washington
Comments:     Hello,My name is Diana and I live in tacoma, Wash. Recently I found a Crown Jack Lighter at a garage sale with 366 trw-Da-Nang THE GUNFIGHTERS on one side and the doom club on the other, after reading all these heartbreaking e-mails I'm curious about who this belonged to and why they were given out. I'd really be intrested in hearing from someone who could give me the story behind my unique find. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks E-Mail lakewoodyost (AT symbol)

Wednesday 12/15/2004 10:54:35am
Name:     Jesse C. Andrus
E-Mail:     andrusjc (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Virginia
Comments:     I am Jesse Andrus the nephew of AE2 Floyd E. Andrus III who was killed in the crash of the EC-121 on March 16, 1970 . I have been doing some research on my Uncle\x92s US Navy service for my family genealogy records. When I asked if anyone had any information they could offer, some of my family sent me to this web-site. Thank you for putting together all this information, it has been very helpful. I was born in 1975 so I was never able to meet my Uncle Floyd. What I know of him I learned from my grandparents and father (who also served in the US Navy CB\x92s). I can remember as a small chilled my grandmother letting me put on one of my Uncle\x92s flight helmets that she had, I also remember the photos of the him and the A-4 and EC-121 aircraft on my grandparents living room wall. The first motorcycle I ever rode and seconds later crashed belonged to him; one of the first rifles I learned to shoot was single shot 22 that was his. Anyway I would love to hear from anyone who may have known him.

Sunday 01/16/2005 6:19:47pm
Name:     Gordy Sandlie
E-Mail: (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Minneapolis, MN, USA
Comments:     I am webmaster of the amd the sites
I noticed that you have links to my TFW site.

Sunday 03/27/2005 7:54:42pm
Name:     Bill Boucher
E-Mail:     fasudanang (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Tallahassee, Fl/America
Comments:     I served as the Yeoman for the Fleet Air Support Unit, DaNang from March, 1970 until January, 1971. Hurtful times, Painful war. Thanks for the pictures. Looking for shipmates.

Wednesday 04/20/2005 1:41:49pm
Name:     DeLateur, Margaret
E-Mail:     margie_d (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Salem, Oregon USA
Comments:     Looking for info in Robert Delateur. 23 JAN 85 - EA-3B Buno 142672 Skywarrior. Squadron VQ-1. He's my cousin and he took care of us as children. He died in a plane crash after Vietnam. Would like to know anything I can about him. Didn't see him after Vietnam.

Tuesday 06/14/2005 1:38:42am
Name:     Pat Christie ATN-3 FASU 69-70
E-Mail:     patillona (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Hallandale Beach, FL
Comments:     Flight Crew C117D Navy 50804

Saturday 06/25/2005 8:45:46pm
Name:     Jim Sparks
E-Mail:     jim64s (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Brownwood, TX
Comments:     Was in the 390th TFS from Aug 70 to Aug 71, flew 238 combat msn in F-4s.

Friday 07/08/2005 5:46:54pm
Name:     David Stratton
E-Mail:     david4677 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Mount Bethel PA
Comments:     Thank you for creating this site. I served with VQ-1 from 1965-1968, both on the ground and as an aircrew member-crew 25- on WVs. I'd love to hear from anyone who served with me.

With Sincere Best Wishes,

David Stratton

Tuesday 11/01/2005 6:53:09pm
Name:     Christy Winchester
E-Mail:     christyjerry2000 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Ben Franklin, TX USA
Comments:     My uncle, LaVerne Greiner AEC was on the EC121M that was shot down by Mig15's over the Sea of Japan on 15 Apr 1969. I would like to be in contact with anyone that may have known him. Photos and memories are all we have left. Thank you and God Bless

Tuesday 11/08/2005 0:36:41am
Name:     Pat Richardson
E-Mail:     papa (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Galax,Va.
Comments:     Da-Nang,1972-73 Security Police,Peace Maker 1 Leader.

Thursday 01/05/2006 12:49:52am
Name:     Joseph Mayor, ABH1, USN Ret.
E-Mail:     jsphmayor (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Harrison, Arkansas
Comments:     Bravo Zulu on a great web site. Paying tribute to those that lost thier lives in the whale. I was a yellow shirt on board the Nimitz in '87 the nite Ranger 12 went over the side. I needed to remember it. Thanks again and God Bless.

Saturday 07/29/2006 4:12:11pm
Name:     Bobby W Ellard
E-Mail:     joshua (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Pioneer,TN
Comments:     I was station in the disp. ( hospital) at the time of the crash, when they brought the crew triage was set up. I was helping with some of the patient and one fellow died in my arms. he evidently was just marred and was asking me to not let him die. but I was unable to save him this has always haunted me I never knew his name but have always wanted to let his next of kin know that his last thought was about his wife. also there was an airman last name White who was the real hero he ran into the plane an carried out few people he was burn by the electrical cable that were melting and falling on him. I believe he was from Coveting KY. if I can be of any further assistance please let me know.
Bobby W. Ellard

Wednesday 03/12/2008 2:31:07am
Name:     Randall H. (GIL) Gillespie
E-Mail:     rhgillespiesr (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comments:     I love your site. I wish we had more like it. Keep up the good work.
I was a Staff Sgt. in the USAF when I was assigned to Danang Air Base. I was there from Sept. 1966 till Sept. 67. I was assigned to the 1972 Communications Squadron and worked in the Telephone Outside Plant Section. If you were there at Danang during this time and had a telephone, Chances are you saw me around. I installed and maintained telephones and telephone systems all over the base including I Corp Headquarters. I remember doing a lot of work for Col. (Now Deceased and Major General) Robert W. Maloy who was Commander of the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing. We also installed telephone cabe to the American Consulate in down town Danang.
I have some very wonderful memories of Danang, Both good and bad but I survived so I guess that is what matters. For all who served time in that far off land, I thank you all for your service to this wonderful Country of Ours and I salute you one and all. God Bless America and Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters.
Randall H. Gillespie
SMsgt., USAF, Retired

Sunday 05/04/2008 9:24:50pm
Homepage:     http://NONE
E-Mail:     gafarman (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     PEACHTREE CITY, GA
Comments:     Served at DaNang AB Nov 66 - Nov 67 as a SGT with the 6924th Security Sqdn, USAF Security Service. Worked with Naval Security Group folks & VQ-1. Excellent site.

Sunday 06/01/2008 5:25:58pm
Name:     Richard Burr
E-Mail:     burr672 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     E-Mail
City/Country:     St Augustine, FL
Comments:     Hi - Don't know how you got my name or email, but I am so grateful to see those Danang rocket attack photos from '67. I was stationed there with the 366th medical corps from July of 1967 - 68. In fact, I had been on the base for only 15 minutes or so when the rockets started flying in. What a welcome. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

Thursday 10/30/2008 9:03:48pm
Name:     Greg (skip) Andrews
E-Mail:     greglynda925 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Charlotte, NC
Comments:     I served in VQ-1 from '67 to '70 I was an AME and worked in the PR loft while at Da Nang. I also Loxed the A-3's and performed maint on all three types of planes in both locations. I was married with 2 girls at the time and lived at 2 Chome Nitshi TSuruma while at Atsugi. I know I spelled that wrong. I remember All Brundage and a fellow with the last name of Goss. He was killed in a car accident in Atsugi, I had to ID his body that night. I am waiting on some Pics that I lost in a divorce, that I have found and will post some if I get them.
I look forward to any correspondance with someone that remembers that time in our lives.

Sunday 01/04/2009 11:35:22am
Name:     Mike DeLury
E-Mail:     Skyhawk1096 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Florida/Honduras
Comments:     Great site!! I was an EC-121 pilot, Ltjg in VQ-1, Atsugi '93-'95. Flew co-pilot & commuted from Yokahama with "JD" Meyer, would like to get in touch. He later commanded VQ-2 and then VQ-1 as a Captain

Monday 01/19/2009 6:53:17pm
Name:     Ron Virgin
E-Mail:     dragunov41 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Comments:     Thanks for posting this site. I left the Navy in July of 69 after four years and I did not know about PR-26 until I began researching VQ-1 and VQ-2 sites about six months ago. I served w/VQ-1 in DaNang April through Nov. of 1967, flew 40 missions. I was a CT "R" branch TAD from the P.I. Probably flew all the Willie Victors during that stretch, and have many memories that I am just now able to write about. I flew with most of the crewmembers aboard PR-21 the day of the N. Korean ambush. Personally trained the "R" brancher on that flight while he was stationed in Kami Seya. Then I flew three missions with VQ-2 in a P-3 during the first three weeks following the shootdown, hoping for revenge. I have written to NSA looking for I don't know what...maybe absolution. Their official position is that those patrols are officially classified SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL. I really need to contact some of the other members of those three flights: the Pilot or Co-Pilot, The Flight Engineer, Navigator ar the four Linguists and AE's aboard. Skeleton crews of ten men as I can recall. I did double duty as the "Morse" intercept operator and the "O" branch communicator on the KWK-7. Anybody out there willing to talk?? Best regards to all. Virg.

Saturday 01/31/2009 7:08:17pm
Name:     William %22Bill%22 Culver
E-Mail:     wculver (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Princess Anne, MD USA
Comments:     I was in VQ-1 Sept. 1965 to 1967. I worked in the Personnel Office as a PN3, mostly typing TAD orders (to you know where) and later re-enlistment papers. Somehow I didn't do my own and I was released from my enlistment. I knew some of the crew on EC-121 which was shot down. I hear from Walt Thier and Rifley PN2 quite often. I recently contacted LCDR John DiLereto. He was Admin Officer when I was there.

Friday 02/20/2009 3:24:33pm
Name:     Jim Sechrist
E-Mail:     sechristak (AT symbol)
Referred By:     E-Mail
City/Country:     Bonner Springs, Kansas
Comments:     My cousin Larry O. Marchbank was Killed on board. The crash happened when I was five, and I never remember Larry. He is still and always will be my cousin. My prayers go out to all family members of the tragedy. The young innocent lives lost this way, is to hard to swallow. In 2005 my family and I went to Washington D.C. and we dedicated a picture to the wall. It was a picture of Larry as a small boy playing with his dog. I would like to give it to this site as well.

Wednesday 03/25/2009 6:31:30pm
Name:     ATN3 James D. Brooks
E-Mail:     reneesvette (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Madera California
Comments:     Arrived At VQ 1 June 1967 and was discharged in Sept 1969. Flew in Pr 27 until PR-21 was shot down in April 1969. Lost my best friend ATN3 David Willis on that flight. What a waste of lives, shame on our country and leadership in those days.

Monday 06/01/2009 10:07:11pm
Name:     Tim White
E-Mail:     phantom421366 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Vancouver British Columbia-Canada
Comments:     this EC-121R crashed just about 150 yards from my barracks which was at the South end of Gunfighter the photos on this site--you will see the photo by Sgt Patrick Shea that shows the roiling black smoke clouds and fire--with ordnance going off that was on the parked weapons trailers on the opposite side of the perimeter revetment wall...he took this photo from in front of the barracks he was in which was 2 barracks from mine--this photo shows exactly what I saw that day within 30 seconds or so from impact--I was in my own cubicle at the time getting ready to go to the chowhall when the sickening crash sounds and thudding impact happened--I immediately knew what happened without looking--if the pilot hadn't nosed this 121 down where he did--it would have impacted DIRECTLY into my barracks as well as the 4 to the South of mine and I would NOT be here to be writing this--nor would at least 150-200 or more others....I was working on the flightline just 4 hours later in the same area as the crash...with the smell of burned flesh,fire fighting foam,burned metals,plastics and rubber and it is something that I have never forgotten...God Bless these men and all of my Fellow Servicemen who didn't make it Back Home alive...

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

Weapons Control/RADAR Technician
F-4E Phantoms
421st TAC Fighter Sq-The Black Widows
366th TAC Fighter Wing-The Gunfighters

DaNang Air Base June 30,1969-May 1,1970

Monday 06/15/2009 3:04:36pm
Name:     %22Speed%22 Thomas
E-Mail:     esthomas3 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Friend
City/Country:     Winter Park, FL
Comments:     Hi;
My nextdoor neighbor's Dad was, I believe, LTjg James M. Masters, killed on PR-26. His wife's name was "Becky". Wondered if anyone remembers the Masters. Since my neighbor was only 4 years old at the time, she rembers nothing of her Dad but would like to know more. Thanks.

Wednesday 08/05/2009 8:02:00pm
Name:     Robert Perry
E-Mail:     bobp (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Comments:     Hi,

I want to let you know that I was one of those guys on top of the burning wreck without a shirt. As an Air Force Sgt. I was a member of the 366 FMS Crash and Recovery group. Our entire two shifts of our group arrived shortly after the crash as we lived on the flight line we saw most of the accident and smoke from our positions. We brought all of our tow bars and vehicles to the scene to help out as much as we could. I actually towed away one of those F4's out of the revetment (loaded with live bombs) away from the smoldering wreckage and then returned to tow away a smoldering liquid oxygen cart. Upon moving some of the aircraft and other equipment we returned to the pile of wreckage to help find some of the bodies.

The group was told that we would be put in for our heroic efforts for the Bronze Star, but never heard anything about it. Just recently I received some of my military records and found a citation to be awarded the Bronze Star, however it was never approved.

That day will never be forgoten in my mind.

If any of my team members reads my comments please let me know. I would like to hear from all of you.

Bob Perry

Friday 08/14/2009 0:20:23am
Name:     Charles S Brewer Jr
E-Mail:     charlie_brewer (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Lawrenceburg, TN
Comments:     I was standing guard duty in the hanger the night the news broke about the plane. The plane was way over due and I remember a wife coming in to see the officer of the day. She was crying and said she heard the news on Japan Television.
Later times I stood watch over wreakage as it was laided out on a chalked out line of the plane on the hanger floor.

Thursday 09/17/2009 8:50:55pm
Name:     William %22Bill%22 Culver
E-Mail:     wculver (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Princess Anne, MD USA
Comments:     I'd like to correct my entry from January 2009. My enlistment expired in September 1967 and I left VQ-1 in August, was honorably discharged at Treasure Island, CA. I arrived in VQ-1 in 1965, having served in VW-4, VAW-33 and VAH-7 since. I first enlisted in 1956 and had broken service. I have recently spoken with Rick Doughty, from Texas and Chuck Swarthout, living in Delaware.

Thursday 10/01/2009 2:29:32pm
Name:     John Abner
E-Mail:     johnabner (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Punta Gorda, Florida
Comments:     Good Afternoon to all. I was a AMH-3 and served with the Q in 1965/66. I did 2 TDY's to Da Nang & 3 to Cubi on the ground crews. Got to see Bob Hopes Da Nang Xmas show and had the pleasure of meeting Martha Raye. I think about the good old days often and sure miss the comaraderie and good times. Best to all. Take Care - John

Friday 01/29/2010 1:56:08pm
Name:     Betty Ford (maiden name case)
E-Mail:     fordmaggiemay (AT symbol) aolcom
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Lake Forest Park, Washington
Comments:     I have been trying to find my uncle, Thurle case and in reading your enty I believe you are refering to my cousin, he has one brother still alive and my aunt and uncle live in Vacaville California! Please let me know if you have any more information. Thank You.

Tuesday 03/23/2010 3:02:38pm
Name:     Mick McBride
E-Mail:     mick.mcbride (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Guysville, OH
Comments:     Was in MAG-11, Group Supply, other side of runway when the C-121 crashed that day. Remember it well. You are a true hero. That wasn't long before the many 122 rocket attacks of early April 1970 that hit one of our houches in MAG-11 living area.

Friday 04/23/2010 7:09:36pm
Name:     Sgt Stanley Caldwell USAF
E-Mail:     jcsi (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Lineville Al. USA
Comments:     I was on my way to the aircraft that the guys from egress was putting ejection seat in where the prop went.
When the crash happened i ducked into the next revement to that plain. It was one hech of a explosion. The heat from fire was very bad. Airman Branks did one hell of a job. May God bless Airman Branks and the 8 survivors and may God be with the familys of the 22 brothers who lost their lives.

 Name:     Douglas W Wilson
E-Mail:     dugwilson (AT symbol)
Referred By:   
City/Country:    Donegal,Pa.  15628
Comments:     I was there as a corpsman stationed at the casuality staging flight at Da Nang AB and was told assisted in the rescue

Friday 08/20/2010 9:24:49am
E-Mail:     FINFREE2ndx (AT symbol) MAINE.RR.COM
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     WELLS,MAINE

Wednesday 09/08/2010 3:43:05pm
Name:     Delivan Young
E-Mail:     deltyoung (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Rochester, N.Y. USA
Comments:     Glad to see some people are still checking in.
I havn't been here since the first Guestbook comments

Sunday 10/03/2010 1:25:55pm
Name:     John Waller
E-Mail:     johnewaller (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Virginia Beach, VA
Comments:     I was stationed in VQ-1 from 1968-1971 as a personnelman (PN3/PN2). The loss of PR-26 was a very sad day. Being a personnelman, I had the unhappy duty of assisting in preparing the casualty reports for all the crewmembers. This was a day that I will never forget. On 2 Oct 10, I finally tracked down my close friend Stephen Westacott who was one of the eight survivors of the diaster. What a wonderful day this was.

Tuesday 10/12/2010 3:01:32pm
Name:     Bob DeGrishe
E-Mail:     willy121victor (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Standish,ME
Comments:     I was in the "Q" from '67-Nov '69. Flew on all of the 121's but PR25 mostly. John Birch (ATN) was my best friend and he is thought of and missed every day of my life.God bless all the crew of PR26.

Thursday 10/14/2010 6:50:54pm
Name:     Jim Brooks
E-Mail:     reneesvette (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Madera CA USA
Comments:     I was an ATN3 flying in crew 4 on Pr-27 from June 1967 thru Sept 1969. John Birch was a friend of mine who died on Pr-26. I wish I had a picture to share with family or friends but I don't. I can just say he was a fine young man that I knew and enjoyed his company. If someone in his family would like information about him I would gladly share my memories. Thanks for your me at reneesvette (AT symbol)

Friday 11/12/2010 5:35:53am
Name:     Norman L Sparling ATR2
Homepage:     http://bogeynls (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Pickerington, Ohio
Comments:     I was with VQ1 from 1968 to 1970 as aircrew member on the EC121's.

Tuesday 11/16/2010 5:53:38pm
Name:     Bil Edwards
E-Mail:     pv1911 (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Gallatin ,Tn. 37066
Comments:     Nickname Ed-PR-2 5/68 to 1/70 in VQ-1
Atsugi and PI fun but Danang was different. Sad part was putting pieces of the downed Willy back together on the Atsugi hangar deck. Exciting part was being a sub for plane captains of A-3 in Danang- learned alot. You got to respect those flight crews. Spent some time working at NAS Atsugi too. God Bless the people of the VQ's

Saturday 11/27/2010 11:42:35am
Name:     Mike Rutledge
E-Mail:     mike.rutledge (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Sacramento, CA
Comments:     I was in the Air Force Weapons Release shop on the flightline when the EC-121 crashed. I was working on a bomb rack when the lights suddenly went out. I looked out the hanger door and saw the aftermath. Very vivid memories.

Friday 12/31/2010 0:52:56am
Name:     Jbeams
E-Mail:     wo01beamsj (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Oakland,Ne
Comments:     Semper Fi, to all those who served, and will never forget, the Rep of Vient Nam...those at Da Nang and Chu Lai SVn

Monday 01/03/2011 6:06:29pm
Name:     Mike Cashion, YN3
Homepage:     http://VQ-1 and VAP-61
E-Mail:     mcashion (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     colville, Washington 99114
Comments:     I was in VAP-61 through when joined VQ-1. Bob Skillen was CO at VAP. Was at Danang June/July 1971 as detachment Yeoman. Worked the TDY/flash communicatins desk in Guam. Was TDY'ed to Korat, Osan, and a bit in townsville. Anyone out there of the same time. went by nick name Harvey up in personnel.

Saturday 02/05/2011 3:56:27pm
Name:     Danny Bales
E-Mail:     sueredfish (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Titusville, Florida
Comments:     I was with Det Bravo DaNang from 1967-1968 VQ1 121's - Almost crashed on one of our flights. Anybody remember it?

Name:     James Henebry (SW3)
E-Mail:     jayhenebry (AT symbol)
Referred By:    
City/Country:    New York
Comments:     Looking for anyone who served with an AMS3 Arthur "Bill" Roberts who served with VQ-1 in Da Nang in 72/73. More importantly looking for any pictures of Barney the Bat or pictures of AMS3 Roberts with buddies? Any help shipmates would be appreciated 

Friday 03/11/2011 7:10:02pm
Name:     Joe Garasky ATR2
E-Mail:     jgarasky (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Cincinnati, Ohio
Comments:     served with VQ-1 1968-1969.

Monday 03/14/2011 10:49:23am
Name:     Ed Cassady (Ed Guempelein)
E-Mail:     edcassady (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Gilbert Arizona
Comments:     VQ_1 ADR2 69-71 VQ-1
Det Bravo RVN 69-70

Just remembering the guys......

Wednesday 04/27/2011 7:59:00pm
Name:     Dan Bell
E-Mail:     NitroDB (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Search Engine
City/Country:     Glenside, Pa USA
Comments:     Thank you soooo much for this page. I was a Navy airman waiting for #26 to come in and driving an av/oil combo "follow me" truck. I'll never forget watching that bird flip. Your pics and others have helped me with the VA also. Thank you once again for your efforts.

Monday 08/22/2011 12:34:12am
Name:     Gary wheeling
E-Mail:     Garywheeling (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     Murfreesboro tn
Comments:     I was a crew chief on one of the crash trucks that responded to the crash from the USAF crash rescue fire dept.I was there from may 69 to may of 70.this was by far the worst crash that I responded to during my visit to rocket city.we had a lot of action that year ie.rocket attacks/inflight emergencies.this web sight brings back a lot of memories both good and bad

Sunday 02/26/2012 9:21:33pm
Name:     Gary wheeling
E-Mail:     garywheeling (AT symbol)
Referred By:     Just Surfed In
City/Country:     litchfield maine

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