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LT Robin Andrew Pearce

Robin Andrew Pearce was born on Mar 27, 1942.

He was 27 years old and married.

He had been in the Navy six years.

Home of record: North Hollywood, California.

Panel 12W - - Line 8

Robin Pearce



Robin Pearce


Latest Contact Information for Robin's son or daughter-in-law:  Marla or Sven - smf121490  (AT symbol)

Original Request for Information:

Did you know Lt. Robin Andrew Pearce?
My father in law was one of the Lieutenants aboard that flight. My husband and I are desperately trying to find out any information about him we can. His name was Robin Andrew Pearce and he was in the Navy. All the information that I have I have gotten from the internet. If you know of anyone with any information or pictures we would be forever in you debt.

Don Roggensees and Carmen Putrelo learned of Marla's request for information from another site and have contacted Robin Pearce's family. Marla said that "they were very kind and a blessing. One of them had even had dinner with my mother in law and Robin."

Update June 5, 2001 from e-mail:

"Dear Friends,

Just thought you would all like to know that Sven and I have found his Pearce family. They live in Arizona. I wanted to write to you all to thank you so much for your kind words, your help, and your friendship. You are all wonderful people each and everyone of you are. Sven and I wish to keep in touch with all of you. We will update you all on what happens in the future. Love, Marla"

Another Request For Information received January 30, 2002

Would you happen to know or have heard of any of these men and where I could find them?      
1. Eric Jensen - California 2. David Hargis 3. John Ling I am on another mission. LOL - Marla

Update:  Mon, 3 May 2004

I have had recent contact with John Ling and David Hargis. Both men are outstanding at recalling Robin. However, lost contact with John Ling because of email change. If you hear from him please let him know I would love to speak with him again. I am still searching for Eric Jensen.  Thanks, Marla

Email received 12/14/10

Just attended a 50 year high school reunion this summer. Here is a photo of Robin Pearce at our prom in 1960. We were friends and upon looking him up I came across your request for more information. He's in the lower left hand corner and I am across the table from him. Pretty good looking group huh? Thought you might enjoy this. 

Al Zimmerman

Pearce Prom