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Pictures taken by Chuck Harvie

The following pictures are copies of original photographs taken by Chuck Harvie who retains all rights.

Email received:
Subject: photos of PR26
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 13:13:02 -0700

I was stationed at DaNang with the Navy Squadron VXN-8. Our squadron flew Connie's, one out of DaNang and several out of Ton Son Nhut. Our DaNang Connie was located at the FASU Flt line. I did not see the crash but was told by our CO that morning that a Connie had crashed while landing. I could see the smoke from our flt line. Later that afternoon some of us drove over to the crash site to see what we could see. Later that evening a bunch of us went over to the Airforce side of the airbase to the Airman's Club. My memory may be failing me because it could be that we went to the "ZOO Club" located at the FASU compound. It was one or the other, but I am willing to say it is an 80% chance it was the Airman's Club. The only reason I am bringing this up is that while at the club I walked by a guy sitting at a table with a drink in his hand, don't remember his name, or how the conversation got started, but this guy was on PR26 when it crashed. He did not seem to be injured so I asked him where he was when the airplane crashed. He told me he was near the aft door. Ever since then whenever I flew on our plane I always sat in the rear at the seats around a table that was in our Connie just forward of the aft door during take offs and landings. The next day, or within a couple days after the crash, the larger pieces of the damaged aircraft were brought to the FASU flt line and stored there for awhile. I had my camera and took seven photos of the first piece being trucked over and unloaded and placed in the rivetment. I would like to send copies of the seven photos to you so you can post them on your site.


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