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Pictures of Navy PR 26

PR 26 Dragging its Chute

PR 26 dragging chute

sent by Skip Klaas copyright 2002, all rights reserved


I was the EWAC when we deployed the chute out the aux vent exit in the lower aft baggage compartment. Never saw a photo of the chute till now and never heard a word from any brass about the shenanigans that day. The tower called us and asked if we knew we had a drag chute deployed and we said we did and asked them how it looked, they said it looked fine and we said thanks and taxied on to the ramp.

Anthony Krueger

The photo you have of PR26 deploying a chute was taken in the PI. We also did it in Atsugi and Danang. There is a hatch in the rear lower bag where two crew members would go at reverse props and shove it out. The purpose was to help slow down high performance aircraft on landing. I think a Willie Victor is as high performance as it gets. With four turning and 31 rowing its up, up, and away.

Bill Kirner - June 24, 2006