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ATN3 Ralph Scott Purdum

Ralph Scott Purdum was born on Aug 21, 1948.

He was 21 years old and single.

He had been in the Navy three years.

Home of record: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Scott Purdum


Scott Purdum 2

Scott Purdum 3

The photograph and card were scanned from my mother's scrapbook. Connie


Letters from Mrs. Purdum

May 24, 1970
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bletsch,

It was so very nice of you to write to us. We would very much like to have a picture of William and I'm enclosing a snapshot of Scott.

The flight that killed Scott was his first one. We were told that he was one of the eleven that was taken from the plane alive, but he did not make it to the hospital. He died of a head injury and he was not burned.

Scott's things came home last Wednesday. I'm sure you know how hard that has been.

We are a very close family. Scott had a sister Barbara . . , Jill. . ., Johnny . . ., Nancy . . . and Penny. . .

I am also writing to the Commanding Officer of their Squadron for a lot more information than we received. I'll let you know whatever I hear.

Thanks again so much for writing. I hope we will hear from you soon.

Our prayers are with you also.

Maggi and Tom Purdum

PS  I sure hope someday we will have a chance to write to the ones that survived.


Dear Florence and James,

I'm so sorry I haven't written sooner but this has been quite a summer. I'm so glad my friend Elaine called you.  I can't quite yet. I hope she was successful in letting you know how much I have appreciated your letters.

I want so bad to talk to some of the ones that lived. I'm afraid that Scott was not known well enough to be remembered at a time like this. It was his first flight. There are so many questions I want to ask.

. .  . My father died a year before Scott was born. He had never had a healthy son or a grandson. My little brother was very ill from the time of birth. He would so have loved Scott. Our John (17 yrs.) has been beyond what you could ask from such a young man.

I hope you will keep me informed of all of the letters you get from the rest. If you send me their addresses, I'll try to write. I feel I know you . That makes it easier.

. . . . I'm sure we are all alike in wanting to know what happened. Thanks so much for being so nice.

Much Love,

Tom and Maggi Purdum

PS Thank you for Bill's picture. He looks like such a nice kid. They really weren't kids any more. but to me they still seem so young

Mrs. Purdum was the driving force behind the establishment of the servicemen's center at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport.  More exerpts from the letters and information can be found on the Servicemen's Center page.

Email Received:  Wed, 28 May 2003


My brother R. Scott Purdum was aboard the VQ-1 EC-121 on March 16, 1970 when it crashed at 11:30 am.

I would like to first of all thank all who have participated in putting this web site together.  My family has never seen this website before and it is amazing to be able to put the pieces together.  Does anyone out there remember Scott?  Can you tell me any information about Scott before or after the crash. My understanding is that this was his first flight but since I was 9 and this was 33 years ago I'm just not sure.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again

PS,  I was at Scott's grave an memorial day and there were flowers and two hollow bullet type ornaments with the writing GO NAVY VS-1 on one and the other said USNA VS-1.  Anyone know who put those there.  Thanks to whoever did.

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