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Purpose and Acknowledgements



To Honor

To Remember

To Share Information



"Thank you" to all service personnel

~ past, present and future ~

whose personal sacrifices have insured me the freedom

to struggle and fail to find the right words to express my appreciation.


A Special Thanks

Words cannot express the heartfelt thanks to David (Dave) S. Branks who not only provided us with much information but who risked his life that day to save those that he could.

Thank you, also, to others who have provided information and photographs for this site.

Masaaki Hayakawa - Picture of  EC-121 PR 26 used in the header of the page. Last known website:

Ken Patterson

Jack Peterson

Skip Klass

Gerald W. Martin

Pacific Stars and Stripes

and All who have signed the guestbook, message board, or have sent information to be posted on an individual's page.



My family had often sought more information about what had happened that day.  About 1997, my younger brother, George, posted a request for information on a web site. In March of 2000 he received a phone call from Mr. Branks and we received many answers to some of our questions. We, also learned for the first time, of the heroic efforts of Mr. Brank. We expressed our belated "Thank you," to him for his unselfish actions. We wanted to say "Thank you" to others who had done what they could that day. We also realized that other family members or crew mates might be interested in learning what we learned or in contacting Mr. Branks.That is how this web page began.


Please go to the "Serviceman's Center" page to read about one community's project beginning in 1970 to acknowledge and support service personnel.