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Those Who Did Their Best to Rescue the Crew

There were many who did all that they could do to rescue the crew that day. We learned about one such man, Mr. David Branks, as we sought information about what happened. From him, we got our first information. Since then we have had contact with others who were there. I would like to include the names of anyone, whether he was officially recognized for his efforts or not, that tried to do what he could. If you know of others whose names should be listed here, or if you know of heroic actions without being able to identify the person, please contact me.


Individual Pages:

Information was received and pages created for the following persons:

  • Max Bettman page - Max (AT symbol)
  • James Boudreau page - jaysauto (AT symbol) SSGT
  • David (Dave) S. Branks page - dbranks (AT symbol)
  • Franklyn N. Mills page -
  • Terry Wetzel page -


Names given by crewmates:

The following personnel distinguished themselves by heroism involving voluntary risk of their lives in rescuing injured crew members:

(information courtesy of Earles McCaul)

  • MSGT Sam Storage 366th MMS
  • TSGT Rosco Henry 366th MMS
  • SGT Joseph L. Littley 336th MMS
  • CMSGT Merle W. Eiben 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • TSGT James C. Sorrow Jr. 15th Aerial Post Squadron