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ATN2 John Steve Schaefer

John Steve Schaefer was born on Aug 01, 1946,

the younger son of W. A. and Mabel Schaefer.

He was 23 years old and single.

He had been in the Navy 3 years.

Home of record:  Seabrook, Texas

Panel 12W - - Line 10


Letter sent to my mother:

11 August 1970 Dearest Florence,

. . . . . Steve would have been 24 years old on Aug. 1.
. . . . . . Don Holder and his family drove over to see us. They were very nice. . . . . Actually, Don had no news that I didn't already know but I did appreciate their effort. They are very nice and I hope to see more of them one day.
. . . . I believe both your Bill and my Steve were due another medal as this would have made 4 trips into the war zone and 4 stars in battle. I plan to have Steve's framed but right now I just put them away. . . . . .

Mabel Schaefer



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