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Veteran Groups - Units Based in Da Nang


Sites For Veterans

The following are links to hotlists onother websites. This information is provided "as is."No endorsement of these groups isintended.
Please contact these groups at the addresses provided to obtain furtherinformation.


Units Based in Da Nang

U S Navy


U S Air Force:

389th Tactical Fighter Squadron -
390th Tactical Fighter Squadron -
366th Tactical Fighter Wing -
  • The 366th Fighter Association, established by Veterans of the 366th, is a site Dedicated to all the men and women who have faithfully served their country in war and peace as members of the 366th, all associated squadrons and subordinate support units, and its successor organizations throughout the years.
37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron -
Vietnam Security Police Association (USAF) -


U S Army


    U S Marines:


      Please contact me to have otherunits, groups or sites listed here. Thank you.